I relaxed at the Kusatsu hot spring after seeing the sea of clouds.

Kusatsu hot spring is effective except illness of love…

The Japanese expresses the efficacy of Kusatsu Onsen like this!!
Therefore it has been loved by Japanese people since Edo era.
The amount of hot water that springs up,
It is 32,300 liters per minute, which amounts to about 230,000 drums a day.
Places where hot springs most in Japan.

I departed from late night the day before and shot the sea of clouds.
I got tired, so I relaxed at Kusatsu Onsen.
It's a wonderful place so I will introduce it.


I celebrated at ”Cousenzi”!!!!

f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180614124928j:plain ▲The name of this pond is "Fountain of Mercy".
There are "Benzaiten: God of Beauty" showing the pleasure and gratitude of spirit and mind cleansed in hot springs.

f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180614125020j:plain ▲"Syakado"
The Buddha statue in this was proved authentic after 300 years.
From this, it is believed that there is a benefit to succeed even after a delay.

And to the famous "Yubatake"(^_-)-☆



Since the temperature of the hot spring is about 60 ° C, there is a purpose of adjusting the temperature of the hot spring and a purpose of gathering the ingredients of the hot spring.
The hot spring ingredients collected here will be high-class bath additives.

 And I took a walk around the "Yubatake"!!!

f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180614125411j:plain ▲Foot baths can be put in for free.


f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180614125453j:plain ▲Waterfall of hot water.
Hot water flows at a stroke and steam rises.
You should take a commemorative photo here.

"Yumomi" show will be held.




And you can see "Yumomi"show.

Price: Adults 600 yen, Child 300 yen
(Morning)  9 :30 10:00 10:30
(Afternoon)  13:30 16:00 16:30
They will perform six times a day.

 "yumomi" girls songs and dances resonate and it is comfortableo(^^♪
You can experience "yumomi"(^^♪

There is a beautiful sight at night ...

By the time the show was over the outside was dark.
Field of hot water is light up at night and very fantastic!!!
It seems to light up until 1 o'clock in the middle of the night.






 I could see the sea of clouds, and I could relax onsen.

This trip was awesome!!!!

Next time I will stay at the inn and want to slowly take a walk on the hot spring town.

 I also took a time lapse.
Please have a look!!!!