A beautiful factory night view, ”Mie Yokkaichi”!!!!!

These four places represent the night view of the factory in Japan.

·Hokkaido  Muroran.
·Kanasaki  Prefecture Kawasaki.
·Yokkaichi Mie Prefecture.
·Fukuoka   Prefecture Kitakyushu.
These are the representatives of the Japanese factory night view.
I went to the plant area of ​​”Yokkaichi”, Mie Prefecture‼:-)
 This place seems to be regarded as a sacred place of factory night view in Japan.
I will introduce five more places in this area.



①Tarusaka park.


 There is a free parking lot.
I walk about 10 minutes to the observation deck.
If you go at night you need a flashlight.
You can see the factory night view of Yokkaichi from the top‼

   Green area.




f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180624214652j:plainThere is a pay parking lot of Yokkaichi Dome.
Some people are walking, so you can visit at night with peace of mind.
The light reflected on the river is beautiful(^_-)-☆

③Taisyou Bridge.



f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180615215228j:plainThere is no parking lot.
You can see a beautiful night view reflected on the river(^_-)-☆
The pipe is exposed and the sense of SF is exciting‼
On the other side you can see the gas tank nearby.

 ④Tea plantation in



f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180615215344j:plainYou can see the rising sunrise from the factory zone‼
Tea garden is beautiful(^^♪
Unfortunately when I took a picture there was a little fog.
You may be able to see the ocean clearly at your moment.

⑤Isojin · Suzuka
  River estuary.





f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180615215547j:plainAlthough there is no parking lot, it seems to be able to see from the car.
It will be a wonderful night view at night.
If you do not have the time, I think I can be satisfied if you come to this place.


As there are mountains nearby you can see the factory night view from above. Therefore Yokkaichi is a rare place.
It was a busy trip, but I was able to shoot various places.
Are you interested in the night view of ”Yokkaichi” when you see this article?

I already visited Kawasaki, so I would like to go to the rest of the place!!!