A journey aiming for the sea of clouds! ! I went to the superb view "Sibu Pass"( *´艸`)

Spectacular spot where the sea of clouds can be seen‼


Between Gumma and Nagano there is a "Shibu" Pass.
Up to now it was a toll road, but in 1965 it came together with Route 292.
Therefore, it is the highest altitude road in Japan's national highway.
The altitude is 2172 m.

It seems to be able to observe the sea of ​​clouds from here.
I went to that place.
Arrive around 5 o'clock
The shooting date was autumn in mid-October. But when I climbed the mountain, the temperature was -4 ° C, it looked like winter.

  Looking up at the night sky ...



f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180615213134j:plain I get off the car and look up at the sky ...
It is a wonderful starry sky!!!! 
This place is suitable for astronomical observation because the altitude is high and the air is clear and there is no light harm around.

On the prefectural border ...

f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180615213247j:plainOn the exact boundary line between Nagano and Gunma there is a "Shibuk Toge"Hotel.
On the other side there is the "Shibukpas" ski resort.
This ski resort boasts the highest height in Japan‼(Only for ski resorts with lift.)
It is the finest powder snow(^_-)-☆

To the highest point of the national highway! !



f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180615213552j:plainI parked the car at the prefectural boundary and walked hundreds of meters.
And I arrived at the highest point of the national highway! !
There is a stone monument stating "Altitude 2172 m" and there are several parking spaces.

The point of the scenery of the sea of clouds‼




From here you can see the "Yosigadaira"Marshland.
And this is famous as a spot where the best sea of clouds can be observed.

A way to the way is a wonderful view(^_-)-☆

The origins of Japan's famous car "Skyline" seems to have gained a hint at ”Yosigadaira ”Marshland.

 This place is high in altitude, the temperature difference during the day is intense, and it is surrounded by mountains.
For such reasons the incidence of the sea of clouds is high.
If a sea of clouds had occurred, you can see the sun rising from the sea of clouds‼


f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180615213832j:plainI could not confirm the sea of clouds from "Yosigadaira" Marshland.
But it was a magnificent scenery( *´艸`)

It was autumn that I visited. However, the temperature was -4 ° C, with snow piled up.
Anti-cold countermeasures are required.
There is a possibility that the road will be frozen and blocked, so confirmation is necessary.

I could observe the sea of clouds in another direction.

I was able to observe the magnificent sea of clouds at Yokote Drive In on my way home! !
I am lucky.




Today is sunThe previous day is warm (even if it rains, it is even better)
The temperature on the day is low, it is sunny..
When these conditions are satisfied, the discovery rate of the sea of ​​cloud rises.

Look at the weather forecast, let's go see the sea of ​​clouds in such a case♫

▼The highest point of the national highway

▼Yokote Drive In