Nemophila filling all the hills in blue!!!!!! I went to Hitachi Seaside Park.

Nemophila filling all the hills in blue! !

It is said that people want to visit this place once in a lifetime.
I visited state-owned Hitachi Seaside Park which is famous for SNS and various media(^ _ -) - ☆


The open area of the state-owned Hitachihama Beach Park is 191.9 hectares,
It is a vast site of about 41 Tokyo Dome.
Spring, tulips and nemophila and tulips.
Summer, roses, sunflowers and lavender.
Autumn, cosmos and coquia.
Winter, ice tulips and plums.        etc…
It is a park where you can enjoy the seasonal flowers( *´艸`)

Parking fee 510 yen
Entrance fee 450 yen
Annual passport 4500 yen
Those prices are very cheap.
Admission fee is cheap because it is managed in the country.

When entering the premises there was an amusement park ...


f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180709214234j:plainI parked my car in a parking lot on the south side.
When entering from the central gate there is an amusement park.
There are over 30 different attractions in the amusement park.
You will be able to enjoy it if you come with your family.

f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180709214337j:plain Here you can enjoy a picnic on a large site.

Rental bicycles allow you to move a vast premises that is around 200 ha.

(3 hours)
Adult 400 yen
Child 250 yen 

Then I will head to the hill where you can see Nemophila!!

f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180709214413j:plainAnd we head for "Miharasi no Oka" where Nemophila is in bloom.
You can see a faint blue color from afar.
In the beginning you will see that blue as sea or sky.
And you will notice when you come nearby……
All that blue is Nemophila! ! !

f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180709224155j:plain canola flower are also beautifully blooming. It is a friend because it is a pastel color.

f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180709215033j:plainPoppie were also blooming.






f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180709232244j:plainNemophila is blooming all over the hill.
It is the blue world as far as the sky, sea, pretty nemophila and 360 ° is overlooked (^ _ -)Here "Miharasi no Oka" is 3.5 hectares, about 4.5 million nemophila are in bloom.
Many people visit every year, giving people healing and impression.
I thought it was a wonderful spectacular view that I had to visit once‼

Flowering time will be one week earlier than usual in 2018. Since the timing of flowering varies according to the weather, it is better to check the website if you visit.

If you look closely, there is white nemophila ...

f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180709215016j:plainSometimes the blue nemophila contains white nemophila.
And there seems to be a rare nemophila with blue spots.
If you can find it, you are lucky(^_-)-☆
I could not find it…
It is one of the pleasure to do such a treasure hunt.

At the top of the hill ...

f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180709224010j:plain There is a happy bell near the summit.
The sound of the bell ringing on the hill where Nemophila is in full bloom is like heaven.



 "Miharasi no Oka" is an altitude of 58 m
You can see the extensive site of Hitachi Seaside Park.

Because I did not have time this time, I could only see Nemophila. However, it should have bloomed near a colorful tulip.
amusement park! !
cycling! !
picnic! !
Pets can also enter.
This is the best spot (^ _ -) - ☆
In autumn the Kokia tree beautiful autumn leaves.
I will come here at that time.