Oaraiisosaki shrine!! This place is a photo spot with torii at the sea:-)

Torii lies in the rocky area by the sea ...

 As a result, this place is famous from Japanese photographers.
It is said that this is the sacred place of a photographer.
 Today I went to Oaraiisosaki Shrine!!!!!!!

Arrived at 3 o'clock in the morning.
I hear the sound of a big wave in a dark condition
I'm scared…(´・ω・`)
That torii is called Kamiiso torii.
I get there as soon as I get off the stairs. However, I do not have street lights, so I think that a flashlight is necessary when visiting.


The stars are very beautiful!!


On the contrary, this darkness makes the stars look beautiful.
When taking a picture the light of the town comes in on the right side ...
But you can take amazing pictures of waves, torii and starry sky! !

 Also, since the position of the Milky Way is low during winter, you can shoot at the same time as Torii.

Kamiiso torii and the sunrise!!

When I was shooting astronomical photos or talking with a cameraman, the sky gradually became bright…
My excitement will increase(#^^#)



I confirmed the direction of the sun with the application and compass magnet.
This place is famous as a sunrise spot and people gather!!
And the sun is coming up!! 


f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180614123708j:plainThe application was not properly set and the sunrise position shifted ... (^^) /
However, as a result, I was satisfied.


How to access?

◆For public institutions.
15 minutes by bus from Oarai station.
◆In the case of a car.
15 minutes from Mitooarai Inter.

 The parking lot is located at Oaraiisosaki Shrine.
However, I recommend it because there are also near the torii.


Summary and impressions.

f:id:jp-photo-spot:20180614123658j:plainThis place is a spectacular spot of the famous sunrise‼
Many people visit here about thirty minutes before sunrise.
So I recommend you go early.



It is famous as a sunrise spot, but it is a wonderful place to visit during the day.
There are aquariums and museums in the neighborhood, and you can eat delicious food.

I wanted to visit the photographer's holy land all the time.
I am glad that my wish has come true today.
A rocky torii is a star, a wave, a sun, this is a wonderful place that is divine.

I will visit here again during the Milky Way! !